Steam Rocket Bike Breaks the Land Speed Record. On 21st May 2023, Graham Sykes clocked a top speed of 163.8mph as he completed the 1/8th-mile drag run in just 3.878 seconds and then on 7th July 2023 at Santa Pod Raceway Graham ran a time of 6.7189 seconds over the standing 1/4 mile track with a 1.0605 60ft. The 1/8 mile time and speed were 4.038 at a staggering 175.06mph which takes the record for a steam-powered vehicle to over 175mph!

At CPE we are super proud of Graham and his team’s achievements, it has been fantastic to support the project and see it succeed.

To Find out more about the Steam Rocket Bike Breaks and the pressure vessel that powers it click here

For more information on the Force Of Nature project: Force Of Nature Website and Facebook Page

CPE are delighted to announce that we are opening a new facility the Neander Works which will be a Clean Energy Workshop. Located in close proximity to our existing two workshops and head office. Neander Works will service our increasing demand for fabrications in the Clean Energy Sector. The requirement to increase our capacity came following securing major contracts for the Hydrogen Market.

For more information on how we support the Clean Energy Industry see the Clean Energy Page or get in contact

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Neander Workshop, Clean Energy
Neander Workshop Clean Energy