We recently completed a batch of 6Mo Pressure Vessels for a high-pressure application. The design required full penetration welding throughout. 100% Radiography PMI and DPI were performed. A bright pickle and passivated surface finish completed the vessels. Returning the material to its virgin state improving the corrosion resistance.

We manufacture a wide range of vessels from small 1 litre 6Mo Pressure Vessels right up to 30,000 Litre, see the links below or get in touch to find out more.

At CPE along with 6Mo Pressure Vessels (UNS S31254) we can produce vessels from a wide range of materials. we have an in-house welding engineer and regularly add new procedures and qualifications to the range that we currently offer.

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2 Litre Subsea High Pressure Pressure Pot to contain Seawater and Group 1 Liquid- Designed to ASME VIII (NCMS) to operate at Subsea.