This Polished Duplex Filter Vessel was completed here at our Tamworth workshop. Made from Duplex S31803 Featuring internals to support a filter and custom o-ring groove body flanges. Finished with a Pickle and Passivated surface treatment and a final polish to 0.8 Ra externally and 0.4 Ra Internally. A final Test of 100% DPI, a Hydrotest and a Helium leak test at 1×10-5 mbar/sec completed the vessel.

Along with this Polished Duplex Filter Vessel, we design and manufacture Filter Housings for an extensive range of applications and processes. All Filter Housings are designed and manufactured bespoke to order or from client designs so we can ensure that our filter housings meet your requirements.

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Duplex S31803 Pipe Spools a set of 25 pipe spools for a project in Angola. Made from XXS wall thick pipe, featuring butt welded cushion Tees, reducers and Greyloc connectors. The spools required full NDT 100% DPI, 100% Radiography and 100% PMI. They were finished with a pickle and passivated surface treatment.

Along with Duplex S31803 Pipe Spools, we produce a wide range of pipework Click here for more information about Pipework.

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A recent project for a pair of Duplex Silencer Vessels. The vessels are designed and manufactured to be used in Brazil on the SBM Mero project requiring ASME U Stamp and NR-13 and to comply with the specifications of the project. The vessel required 100% Radiography, 100% DPI, UT where required, Impact testing and 100% PMI. Finished with a pickle and passivated and then painted to project specifications.

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At CPE along with Duplex Silencer Vessels, we offer a diverse selection of high-quality products. We supply Pressure vesselsAir receiversPipework and welded manifolds for clean energy projects. In addition, we support our clients with the design, fabrication and manufacture of products such as parts for Electrolysers, water separators, desalination vessels, reverse osmosis, filtration, Hydrogen storage, and Process vessels amongst others. 

A recent project for North Sea Oil and Gas Project for 4 off Duplex UNS S31803 Filter Vessels designed and manufactured to comply with NORSOK M650 & M601 and they comply with Oil and Gas Project specifications. The Filter Vessels required full NDT: 100% Radiography, DPI, Ultrasonic testing and PMI. The design considers nozzle, wind, seismic and blast loadings and is finished with a Pickle and Passivation surface treatment.

A set of 4 off Duplex Pipe spools for BP Tortue, Phase 1.

Duplex Nozzle Insert 16″ NB with Threaded Outlet for BP ACE (Azeri Central East) project.

2 off duplex filter housings designed to EN13445 with NORSOK M650 Materials with Full NDT.

270 Litre (UNS S31803) Duplex Pressure Vessel – Insulated and Clad built for Nuclear Industry to Nuclear Specifications

Blind Flanges with Dissimilar Welding Low Temp Carbon Steel (LTCS) to Duplex (S32205).

Bespoke high pressure Pressure Vessel made from Duplex (ASTM A182 F51) custom forged parts.