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The welding process in pressure vessel fabrication has to be of the highest quality. With proper surface preparation tools and techniques we can help ensure that these critical welds pass the toughest inspections.

  • CPE are experts in manufacturing from many materials, such as duplex, super duplex, 6Mo, CuNi, Stainless steels, carbon steels, Titanium and chrome moly materials.  CPE regularly undertake material testing and write their own weld procedures.  CPE expertise and experience have regularly solved customer problems .
  • CPE regularly work with third parties such as RSA, DNV, Bureau Veritas, ABS and Lloyds and have over 100 weld procedures qualified to ASME IX, EN288 and other standard.  CPE also have many procedures approved to Norsok and other international standards.
  • CPE’s facilities working practices have been developed over many years to meet the demanding requirements of the offshore industry and nuclear industries. 
  • CPE employ some of the top welders in Europe,  with many years of welding pressure vessels in specialist materials
  • CPE undertake many kinds of destructive and non destructive testing, including mechanical testing, ASTM G48 corrosion testing, X-ray, Ultrasonic testing and DPI.

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