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CPE are manufacturer of pressure vessels, air receivers, pipework and skid based pressure systems.

Examples of the projects we undertake are demonstrated below. These include onshore and offshore applications across a range of industries including Nuclear, Water, Oil and Gas as well as a range of commercial industrial solutions.

Force of Nature - Steam Rocket Bike

CPE have recently been involved with the Force of Nature: Steam Rocket Bike project, working with Graham Sykes Performance Engineering we produced the pressure vessel for the rocket bike. The Project aims to produce a steam powered bike with a potential speed of 250 Mph which has never Been achieved before. 

Force of Nature - Steam Rocket Bike

The fastest Pressure Vessel we've ever made? An interesting project working with GSPE. Click for more information.

We produced a bespoke Stainless Steel 316/L pressure vessel for the bike, the vessel forms the structure with a 50 Litre volume and designed to operate at 40 Bar and 250°C Design temperature. The vessel contains 50 litres of pure de-ionised water. A hollow tube runs through the centre line of the vessel allowing a 60-kw bio-fuel burner to be attached to heat the water. 



Once positioned on the start line, the bike is launched by opening twin pneumatically operated valves that allow the pressurised super-heated water to escape via two outlet tubes positioned each side of the rear wheel. At the end of each outlet tube is a classic De Laval 'Rocket' nozzle. This simple device cleverly maximises the thrust of the escaping water. The nozzles act as a restrictor to accelerate the speed of the water and the cone shape is optimised to direct the resulting thrust as the water meets atmospheric pressure and flashes to steam.



The project is led by Graham Sykes as chief designer and Engineer the project came from an interest in alternative power sources for propulsion, approximately 5 years ago the idea of using old fashioned steam to create a ground-breaking Rocket bike with GREEN credentials, whilst combining that with 21st century technology appealed to Graham.  "A lot has been learned and a great deal of fun has been had in designing, building the bike and overcoming the challenges it has presented".

When CPE heard about the project we were keen to get involved, it utilised our design and manufacturing skills and was an exciting, forward thinking project to be involved with, we look forward to seeing this project progress and develop. 

Please click the following link for a video showing the production of the vessel. 


For more project details see the projects website:


 For updates and news on this project please see the Force of Nature Steam Rocket Bike page of Facebook, on the following link:








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