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CPE are manufacturer of pressure vessels, air receivers, pipework and skid based pressure systems.

Examples of the projects we undertake are demonstrated below. These include onshore and offshore applications across a range of industries including Nuclear, Water, Oil and Gas as well as a range of commercial industrial solutions.

CU TR & ASME U Stamped Air Receiver

35 Litre Stainless Steel Air Receivers certified to ASME U Stamp - CU TR and provided with a Technical Passport

CU TR & ASME U Stamped Air Receiver

Stainless Steel Air Receiver with CU TR and ASME U Stamp - Externally Painted

Volume: 35 Litre

Contents: Air

Material: Stainless Steel 316/L

Dimensions: 10" (273mm) ø x 750 overall - Sch10s 4.19mm Thick

Weight: 22 Kg

Design Code: ASME VIII Div.1 - U Stamped

Temperature:  93 °C to  -40°C

Design Pressure:  14 Bar

Nozzles: Screwed Connections

Supports: Legs

Finish: Externally Painted (3 coat system)

Quantity: 2 off

Stainless Steel - 316-CU-TR-CUTR-Air-Receiver-U-Stamped

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